Our Mission

PYOW engages disconnected youth through several mediums, and by maintaining relationships with other individuals, organizations and systems in the community.

Workers primarily focus on reaching young people who are not already connected to services and systems and building trusting relationships with them. They support young people in amplifying their needs and making healthy decisions, advocating on their behalf and actively connecting them to services and opportunities. For youth and families who require intensive intervention and support, Enhanced Youth Outreach Workers (EYOWs) provide short-term therapeutic counselling that addresses immediate needs, build resiliency & prosocial skills, and help prepare them for engagement with other services and organizations. At the community level, the program works to eliminate barriers to services and identify opportunities for youth and families. It creates purposeful community connections and partnerships, supports local community development efforts, and actively brings the perspectives of the most marginalized youth and families to planning and decision-making discussions.

Learning Calendar

The following certificates are being offered on the revamped YOW Learning Hub. Each certificate is self-directed and to be completed at your own pace. Once completed, participants will receive a PDF certification & certification number.

Modules, courses & certificates are made possible with the support and collaboration of YouthREX, Strides Toronto and Central Toronto Youth Services.